Super Me - Qi Huan Zhi Lv | 2019 | Türkçe Altyazı | 1080p | x264 | Tek link indir izle

Adı: Super Me - Qi Huan Zhi Lv
IMDb Puanı: 5.3/10
Yönetmen: Zhang Chong
Ülke: Çin,
Tür: Dram,
Süre: **SURE**


Özet: Directed by Zhang Chong. With Kevin Lee, Bingkun Cao, Shih-Chieh King, Jia Song. SANG Yu is so exhausted from trying to stay awake. Every time he closes his eyes, a demon chases and kills him in his dreams. One night SANG realizes he has a special power: he can bring treasures from his dreams into reality. Almost overnight, he becomes a rich man. But his wealth also attracts the attention of a ruthless gangster.


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